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How many lessons do I need?
It all depends on how much experience you’ve had behind the wheel and how and eager you want learn. Motor Vehicles recommend that you take at least 50 hours of training with at least 10 hours in moderately heavy traffic and 15 hours after sunset driving before taking your road test. During your first session with us, an experienced trained professional instructor will evaluate you and let you know approximately how many lessons you will need.

How old do I have to be to get a permit?
At 16 years of age you can apply for a learner permit with your guardians consent.

Is the 5 hour class mandatory before my road test in NYS?
Yes it is, unless you have a Driver Education Student Certificate of Completion from your school.

Do I really have to sit in the class room in order to get my 5 hour class certificate?
You must attend the class. It's the only way you will acquire the knowledge of situations you might not encounter during your lessons which can help you to pass your road test.

Do I need a permit to start driving?
Yes you do. You may pick up reading implements at the school to help you study for your exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I have a license from another country, can I switch it to a NYS license?
No you can’t, you must get your permit and 5 hour class certificate and take the road test. We also recommend that you take an evaluation lesson to see if you are capable passing the exam.

Can I bring a friend or family member to my lessons and the 5 hour class?
No you can’t bring friends and family to your classes they will distract you and your instructor.

I’m exceptionally nervous, do you have a patient instructor?
Yes, we handle nervous people on a daily basis and are trained to instruct you with patients.

Should I still take a lesson if it’s raining or snowing?
Yes, you will some day have to face these weather conditions when driving and having professional instructions before facing them alone is a great opportunity and priceless education.

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